Monday, October 19, 2015

Chapter 2: managing your time

  • 2 noted differences between high school & college: increased autonomy & greater responsibility
  • block scheduling: back-to-back classes, helps w travel time, employment, & family commitments
  • Time management involves:
knowing goals
setting priorities to meet goals
anticipating unexpected
take control of your time
making a commitment to punctuality
carrying out your plans
  • autonomy: self-direction/independence
  • single greatest enemy: procrastination
  • Why people procrastinate:
fear of failure
fear of success
find assignment boring/irrelevant
perfectionist- living up to expectations
  • Forms of procrastination:
overestimating your abilities & resources
accepting your poor performance as ok
underestimating how long it'll take
doing unimportant things instead
repeated minor delays
complaining instead of doing
putting all your work into only one part of the task
paralyzed when have to make choices
  • Beat procrastination: 
remind of consequences
to-do list
break into small steps
don't allow distractions
  • prioritize tasks, goals, values
  • advanced planning
  • keep an eye on deadlines
  • stay focused
  • keep sight of your goals
  • get organized
  • Use a planner for:
due dates
work hours
family commitments
important dates
test dates
create time for studying!! (2 hrs for each hour spent in each class)
  • biorhythms: internal mechanisms that drive daily patterns of physical, emotional, & mental activity 
  • ^ decide when you work best (night, day, evening, etc.)
  • begin work early in case emergencies
  • develop system or prioritizing items on to-do list
  • make sure your schedule works for you
  • create a workable class schedule (take traffic, parking, driving, studying, eating, etc. into account)
  • don't overextend yourself (it's the #1 cause of stress for college students!!)
  • do not take on more than you can handle (commitments, friends, extra activities)
  • Dropping a course:
before deadline so you won't have the low grade on record
keep in mind it could effect financial aid
  • study in quiet places (not in front of a tv OR ON YOUR BED)
  • sticking to a routine will help in time management
  • Respect others' time:
don't forget appointments
don't waste others' time
don't be late all of the time
arrive early if you need to
complete assignments on time

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