Monday, October 19, 2015

Chapter 1: Exploring your purpose for attending college

  • college degrees help level the playing field
  • important bc prepare citizens for leadership roles
  • have SMART plans:
anchored to a Time period
  • celebrate once you've reached a goal
  • Outcomes of college experiences:
learn how to accumulate knowledge
interactions w new cultures, religions, etc.
gain self-esteem & self confidence
more flexible views
better able to deal w legal system, tax laws, etc.
more concerned w wellness & preventative health care
  • College graduates vs. non-college:
earn more money
less erratic job history
more promotions
have fewer children
more involved w children's school lives
stay married longer
less likely to be imprisoned
less likely to dependent on drugs
less likely to use tobacco
less likely to be duped, conned, etc.
  • Transition into college:
more diverse student body (race, age, religion, political opinions, life experiences)
more potential friends
more courses
time management might be hard bc different times and days for classes
less frequent tests
more writing
study outside of class & do assigned reading
instructors rely less on textbooks & more on lectures
more freedom to express views
instructors have office hours to meet w you
schedule is harder to manage
more free time to manage
numerous courses to choose from
  • Adults/returning students:
feel a lack of freedom bc of responsibilities
working full-time, caring for family, other commitments can be a challenge
can be extra stress
worry about childcare, commuting, juggle work & school
college professors value working w adult students
know how important an education can be
intrinsic motivation bc maturity & experience
bring new perspective
  • clearer you are about why you're in college= easier to stay motivated
  • keep up w weekly schedule
  • do work on time
  • be on time for class
  • set realistic goals
  • improve study habits
  • use student services
  • think critically
  • improve writing & speaking
  • speak up in class
  • learn from criticism
  • study w a group
  • take health seriously
  • microsoft excel: great for constructing charts & lists & analyze data
  • according to Carnegie Commission on higher edu., some benefits enjoyed by college grads are:
  • likely to be happier
  • more stable job history
  • earn more promotions

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