Thursday, September 10, 2015

National Suicide Prevention day.

hey guys, so today is national suicide prevention day. i just wanted to make people more aware of this bc many people don't understand or aren't aware of just how many people are actually suicidal/have committed suicide/have had suicidal thoughts. this day is about speaking up about suicide so that we can stop the idea that it's something we shouldn't talk about, something we should hide, or something that we can't go get help for.

there are many organizations/sites/communities for suicide prevention, you can find them easily.
Check out To Write Love On Here Arms, an organization that i'm really in love with: 
other links to check out:
check R U OK out here:

for the people who have been suicidal/are thinking about suicide, did you know that:

to everyone else: 

article about how to talk to your teen about depression/suicide: 

some signs of suicide can be: 
  • substance abuse
  • purposelessness
  • feeling trapped
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • hopelessness
  • anger
  • recklessness
  • mood changes
  • withdrawal
  • giving away personal possessions
  • inability to sleep
  • talk of wanting to hurt/kill self (even if you think it's just a joke, be aware!!)
  • seeking access to pills
  • writing/talking about death/dying
  • there are many many more, but the main idea is to STAY AWARE. keep your eyes open.

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