Thursday, September 24, 2015

Download the Turtle Berry app.

hey guys! so recently, my cousin created an app called Turtle Berry. Basically, you are a turtle, & you are trying to get all of the strawberries. It's a game that's kind of like flappy bird, any game where you're trying to collect something. 
it's free, & available for apple & android.

so anyways. he asked me if i could do some graphics for him, 
so of course i said sure. so in the game, you start out as this cute tortuga:

i believe that if you collect 1000 strawberries, you can upgrade to other turtles, 
& the one i designed is the Samantha turtle:

other graphics that i designed include:

so, if you like turtles, or strawberries, or games, go check out my cousin Tommy's Turtle Berry app,
 & check out my turtle drawings! :D thanks! <3

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