Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blog Renovations.

okay, hey guys! so, recently i've been thinking about doing a real blog. like a blog for the public to see. i have had & have deleted many many blogs in my lifetime & i didn't want to delete this blog, just to make a new one, so instead, i went back through my 4000+ posts, & deleted about 95% of them. i changed up the template, the title, added some things on the sidebar, & voila, the blog is practically unrecognizable.

so this is kind of like a new beginning for this blog- though at the same time, not really. this is the first time i'm telling people to go LOOK at one of my blogs, that's for sure. hopefully i'll get more into it soon, & finally start really blogging & not just posting pictures or quotes or videos. so yeah, welcome to my blog!

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