Thursday, July 20, 2017

downtown photoventures | hermann park

**allison wanted to take me out for a belated birthday date so we planned a trip downtown w paul, nick, & anthony. we went to eat (check out my downtown foodventures post) & then headed to hermann park to kill time & do a little photoshoot (poor anthony was the 5th wheel)**


i got to work a little bit on my portrait/photography skills


anthony had to leave a bit before us, so paul, allison, nick, & i ended up doing more cutesy-coupley photos

by the end of the "photoshoot," we were taking those cute tumblr-y hand-holding pictures (me holding paul's hand, me holding allison's hand, & paul holding my hand)

alli & i had to take an #ootd picture bc we both planned to wear an off-the-shoulder-top, ripped jeans, & vans but since our styles are so different, we ended up still looking like we wore completely different outfits (which is what i love about fashion & clothes)


this little downtown adventure was the first time that i got to meet nick & i'm glad that him & anthony could come along (even if anthony was a 5th wheel) bc it made it that much more fun. our little photoshoot let me explore hermann park for the first time, as well as practice my photography skills. fun little outings like this, w great people, make my soul so happy

downtown foodventures

**allison wanted to take me out for a belated birthday date so we planned a trip downtown w paul, nick, & anthony. we went to three different food places & it was my first time hearing about/going to all of them**

LOCAL FOODS: i got the "crunchy" chicken sandwich which has pretzel buns, nut "crumble," provolone (cheese), buttermilk ranch, pickles, romaine, & tomato. for my side, i got the housemade chips w old bay seasoning (marylanders can't resist the old bay). most of the sandwiches cost around $11 & i'm not sure if it was totally worth it but it wasn't bad. the place itself doesn't look like much at first but it has all these little aesthetic aspects/cool things to take pictures of


COMMON BOND: we were pretty full from eating at local foods but allison really wanted to bring me to common bond so we didn't go all out here. i just got a fruit tart & allison got macrons. kind of pricey- my tiny tart was $5.50 & her macrons were $2.25 each but whatdoya expect


AGORA: we didn't get anything here- it was just next to common bonds & i wanted to take a picture of the little wall so we went in to look around. i guess it's a coffee shop place- kind of small, dark, hipster-y but has pretty steep steps if you want to go upstairs

Friday, July 14, 2017

out of my teens | the big 2-0

guys, i'm twenty now. that's crazy- it seems like just yesterday i was a freshman in high school, trying to find my way in the halls & now i'm about to be a junior in college, trying to find my way in life. honestly, birthdays never made me feel any different but when i think about it, i realize i am getting old. my siblings are going to turn 16 & 18. those are big ages but i remember when they were just 10 & 12. life passes by so fast & if you don't watch out, the time will slip away. luckily, i have great people to pass the time w. i just want to thank all of my amazing friends who wished me a happy birthday


so on the day of, i had a little birthday hangout w my friends & we talked, played mafia, watched how i met your mother, opened presents, had cake, & took pictures

front: kevin, amberly, me, megan
back: paul, david
not pictured: jason (bc he had to leave early)

along w my early birthday presents- the books from daniel, leggings from brenda, polaroid from john, (mentioned in my previous post)- i got some pretty gifts from izamar, paul, amberly, megan, & david

izamar (she mailed it to me):
pillow w maryland crab
planner/calendar pad
maryland turtle sticker
maryland keychain
mason jar shaped "chalk board"
birthday card
lush galaxy bath bomb
lush coffee scrub
harley quinn bath fizzy
harley quinn shirt
harley quinn pop figure
$10 barnes & noble gift card
gilmore girls season 1 dvd collection
starbucks giftcard
half price books giftcard
birthday card (shown below)
(card from megan)

(card from brenda)

the gifts were pretty cool but the people who celebrated my birthday w me are even cooler. here's to hopefully having these amazing people in my life for many more birthdays to come

watch my birthday vlog here: