Thursday, August 17, 2017

"pixel forest" exhibit by pipilotti rist | MFAH

i think by now, everyone has seen pictures or has taken pictures at pipilotti rist's "pixel forest" exhibit at the museum of fine arts- houston. it's the one w the hanging balls of lights that change colors. i've been dying to go ever since the first post i saw of it & allison & i finally planned another day downtown to go to this exhibit

the exhibit was not as exciting as i thought it would be (bc after you see it, you're kind of like "now what?") but it was beautiful. the "pixel forest," along w the "worry will vanish" exhibit on the walls make for a vibrant & breathtaking space in which viewers can relax & just lose themselves in the beauty. for more information on the exhibit itself, click here

so everyone comes to the exhibit to take pictures & why would allison & i be any different? we had to do the best we could since we could not have flash on but i think some of the photos turned out great (plus i went back & edited my favorite photos)

it makes me so happy to see beautiful, changing, interactive work like this that people can really enjoy. there has been a lot of hype about the "pixel forest" & as part of the art community, i think that the positive response to the exhibit from the viewers is really special

krisp bird & batter

allison, nick, paul, & i had another downtown adventure & ofc we needed food so we stopped by this place that nick had been wanting to go to called krisp bird & batter. i had never heard of it before but it was chicken so i wasn't complaining

the person at the register was extremely friendly & helpful which was much appreciated bc i get anxious ordering (which is why i always get paul to do it for me)

i ordered krispy nuggets (8 ct.)
paul ordered the KFC (korean fried chicken) + the seasonal tea
nick & allison got the chicken & waffle + queso fries

so what's the verdict on krisp? i think we all would have given the chicken a 10/10

Friday, August 11, 2017

BEHIND THE DESIGNS | think-sweetpea

do you guys remember my old post about partnering up w my friend on well i've added some new designs that i think ya'll would really like! seeing people wearing my designs make me so so happy & it would be great if there were more people wearing them


i created a mountain design for a shirt a while ago but recently, i created a back design for that shirt. a lot of my church friends bought this design bc christians are suckers for shirts w bible verses (i'm not saying this in an offensive way- i, myself, am a sucker for bible verses). i hand-wrote the quote: "though the mountain may crumble, you will not [isaiah 54:10]" 
think-sweetpea has a collection of black pride clothing so i wanted to design something that sort of fit along those lines. i decided to do something more inclusive (since i am asian) & i ended up w this. it's a simple design that sends a message & hopefully other people will help spread the message when they buy the shirt
i've been in an art funk lately so i followed a lot of artists on twitter to get inspiration. i don't remember what i saw that made me want to draw medusa, but that's what i set out to do. at the beginning, my drawing was just terrible. but i tried again & again & the final product made me so proud- proud enough that i wanted it to be on a shirt. i actually ordered this shirt for myself bc i liked it so much (although i ordered it w the design a bit bigger)
so. ever since i learned to use illustrator, i wanted to do a line art version of myself bc it's a big thing on tumblr i guess. i chose this one picture of me dressed a bit punk-like & i made this design based off of it. the hair & the nose ring were hard but i love how it turned out
lastly, my newest design. i've been binge watching switched at birth. in the show, there is a character, bay, who is an artist. she is obsessed w frida kahlo & in one of the episodes, she went to mexico city & met someone who knew frida. i had also been on twitter & saw a frida kahlo tattoo design so i thought, wow i gotta do something frida-related. so i finally sat myself down & drew this while watching switched at birth


Thursday, July 20, 2017

downtown photoventures | hermann park

**allison wanted to take me out for a belated birthday date so we planned a trip downtown w paul, nick, & anthony. we went to eat (check out my downtown foodventures post) & then headed to hermann park to kill time & do a little photoshoot (poor anthony was the 5th wheel)**


i got to work a little bit on my portrait/photography skills


anthony had to leave a bit before us, so paul, allison, nick, & i ended up doing more cutesy-coupley photos

by the end of the "photoshoot," we were taking those cute tumblr-y hand-holding pictures (me holding paul's hand, me holding allison's hand, & paul holding my hand)

alli & i had to take an #ootd picture bc we both planned to wear an off-the-shoulder-top, ripped jeans, & vans but since our styles are so different, we ended up still looking like we wore completely different outfits (which is what i love about fashion & clothes)


this little downtown adventure was the first time that i got to meet nick & i'm glad that him & anthony could come along (even if anthony was a 5th wheel) bc it made it that much more fun. our little photoshoot let me explore hermann park for the first time, as well as practice my photography skills. fun little outings like this, w great people, make my soul so happy